Whether operating a coffee machine, cooking dinner, driving car, scuba diving or being examinated in hospital, you constantly encounter our products. Always hidden in the details, not visible for human eye, but highly functional in daily routine.

Our products are applicable in various industries, especially in medical branch, but also in food as well as building, automotive and textile market industries.

„If you need something innovative and non-standard, you are at the right place, we produce it for you…”

We offer our customers unique product, that we are proud of it. We do everything to stand out from others. We put the emphasis on a high quality manufacturing.

What do we produce

„We produce exactly what you need..”

We are open for your individual requirements. Therefore we do not offer any catalogue products. All our products are manufactured according to customer’s specific requirements. We offer parts in any size, shape and color like suction cups, membranes, valves, nozzles, sealings, rubber-metal parts.

Raw materials

We specialize in processing silicone mixtures, mainly liquid silicone rubber (LSR). Besides silicon mixtures we are working with other materials: FKM, EPDM, CR, NBR, SBR.

GGF TMRubber