Silicon type

High pressure membranes

Ventilation mask

Disposable items in tests in the medical industry


Cable joint seals

Automotive silicone components

Ignition coils

Vacum suction cup

Electrodes for the muscles stimulating

Gripping jaws in PE packs

Dispensers membrains

Silicone baking molds

Filling nozzles

Dispenser nozzles

Diffuser Membranes

Low pressure bushings

Lighting fixture seals

Relief valve ports

Relief valve diaphragms

Surgical compression sleeves

Transplant trays

Components of anesthetic devices

Vaginal pads to prevent urinary incontinence

Keyboards of laparoscopic manipulators

Sterilizer door seals

Wrist sealing

Neck sealing

Membranes for exhaust valves

Perfusion cannulas

Respirator components

Cooling caps

Menstrual cups