Our silicone products are widely used in the automotive industry.

Silicone products are present in every part of passenger cars and trucks, from the engine to the interior of the vehicle, to the bodywork, on-board electronics and accessories. Automotive manufacturers know that silicone automotive applications are comfortable, easy to process, versatile, heat resistant, and withstand chemical and environmental pressure, making them reliable and stable over time. The use of silicone materials in the automotive industry is constantly expanding due to their versatility and physical properties. For example, they can remain flexible at high temperatures, retain grip, and provide protection against harsh environmental conditions.

They can be used under the hood, in the driveline, in the cabin and on the body of all types of conventional, electric and hybrid vehicles.

Silicone elastomers are an excellent material for a variety of sealing, bonding and insulating applications. Specialized silicone compounds provide excellent resistance to many types of automotive fluids.

An automotive spark plug wires are insulated with multiple layers of silicone to prevent sparks from jumping over to adjacent wires, causing misfires. Silicone tubing is sometimes used in automotive induction systems (especially in positive-supercharged engines). Silicone sheets are used in the manufacture of gaskets used in automotive engines, gearboxes and other applications.

Application examples:

  • Cylinder head gaskets
  • Sealing of the engine and gearbox
  • Sealing of the drive system
  • Battery modules Rechargeable batteries
  • Headlight seals
  • Electronic control units (ECU)
  • Electrical and electronic connectors and seals

Cable joint seals

Automotive silicone components

Ignition coils