Sectors in which we operate

Making coffee in an espresso machine, cooking dinner, driving a car, diving among coral reefs, being on research in a hospital – you are constantly in contact with our products. These are small details, well hidden in many devices, invisible to the naked eye, yet playing a large role in everyday life. Our products are used in many industries, in particular in the medical industry, as well as in the food, construction, automotive and textile industries.


We understand the importance of efficiency and processability when producing high-quality materials for the healthcare market. The excellent mechanical properties of medical-grade silicones make them ideal for the production of high-quality medical components and devices.


Our machine park has a large production potential. It enables the processing of liquid and solid silicone, rubber and other plastics. Depending on the specificity of the product, we offer production using injection molding machines or presses.


The indifferent nature of the silicones makes them suitable for baking and other kitchen utensils. The consumer market is filled with kitchen products made of silicone, from protective gloves and coasters to grill spatulas and brushes and even frying pans where its non-stick properties are useful


Silicone products are easy to process and generally retain their elastomeric properties in extremely hot and cold environments, offer excellent dielectric properties, are weather resistant and offer a low level of compression.