Silicone & liquid silicone rubber

Silicone is an elastic rubber material with multiple applications.
GGF TMRubber is one of the leading European manufacturer of non-standard components from rubber, silicone and plastic, that are applicable in various industries. We specialize in processing silicone mixtures, mainly liquid silicone rubber (LSR).


Rubber is a fantastic material that is both elastic and durable.
Through Gotlands Gummifabrik we are able to deliver customized
applications in rubber.


UW-Elast is the leading Scandinavian manufacturer in terms of hot casting and sprayed products in Polyurethane and have long experience as trouble-shooter and supplier for the industry.

tmrubber-products GGF TMRubber

Manufacture of silicone components

We are a company which operates on the European market since 2002. We have broad experience in international cooperation. Mainly we work together with Scandinavian companies. Among our clients are also companies from Asia.

We offer:

  • Consultancy in choosing the appropriate material and mixing of materials
  • Help with design and execution of forms
  • Test runs
  • Production in short, medium and long runs

Our machine park has a great production potential. We are able to process liquid silicone, solid silicone, silikone rubber and plastic. Depends on the specification of the product we offer production of using injection molding or compression molding. All the machines are operated by a high qualified personnel.

High quality products, short delivery time and good price make that we have a lot of regular customers who want to cooperate with us. The number of our business partners is getting larger.